The analytics and annotation platform used to ensure the performance of perception systems part of autonomous vehicles.

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Working at Annotell

Finding the right person is everything!

Annotell is on a mission to become the most desired partner within machine-learning data for autonomous vehicles.

Since we still live and breathe start-up, we want team members to have a broad set of skills and a willingness to constantly extend your knowledge and explore uncharted territory. We won’t provide you with a well-defined job description - we need you to take part in defining your role and responsibilities.

We are in it to win, and have fun while doing it! At Annotell you get to develop and improve your own role, always learn and do new things, collaborate with a great team of ambitious and humble people. We are all part of growing a business and creating what Annotell will be tomorrow. Our office is located at Lindholmen, just by the beautiful waterfront and Lindholmen Science Park.

Seems like the perfect fit but you don’t know all that much about machine learning or annotation? Don’t worry, we’ll get you up to speed! What we’re looking for is someone with the right mind- and skillset. You don’t have to be an expert in the field to do a great job, although, chances are you’ll end up one…

Our Values

When we make decisions we base them on our values.

Think Safety
Ensuring the safety of humans, on and off the roads, is paramount to autonomous driving. That’s why all aspects of safety – philosophical, ethical and practical – are part of who we are, what we say and do. And that’s why we also strive to raise the awareness of our area of expertise, machine-learning training data, and how crucial it is to safety. It is the foundation.
Create Trust
Software developers, vehicle manufacturers and, eventually, the average person on the street, must be able to trust the integrity and quality of our offering. Businesses and even lives depend on it. We create trust by ensuring transparency and the highest level of support, both internally and towards our customers. We never compromise on the quality of the training data.
Take Action
The ability to dare and do is what got this company started. And it will make us succeed. We are proud engineers that take action and make decisions based on thorough analysis and methodical thinking. We believe in ourselves, in our ideas and in seeing things through. We hold ourselves and each other accountable for achieving our goals.
Stay Focused
We’ve made a choice to work with machine-learning data for autonomous vehicles. By focusing on the most complex and quality-demanding area within autonomous systems, we constantly hone our skills, build our credibility as experts and stay relevant to our customers. Focus is essential in enabling accurate and precise self-driving technologies.
Share Knowledge
The majority of our customers lack our deep knowledge and unique understanding of the complexity of machine-learning training data. Sharing knowledge and insights is a way to build trust and really make our customers feel that we have a common goal. By doing so enthusiastically, inside and outside our company, we also help shape the safety aspects of this industry and establish ourselves as thought leaders.
Be Kind
We all have a responsibility to treat each other with kindness and respect. Being kind often requires courage and strength, as it involves the willingness to celebrate and give attention to someone else. It is also about giving honest feedback when doing so is helpful to the other person. Every person is entitled to be treated well without distinction of any kind, such as race, color, sex, language or religion.

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